2023 Session & Workshop Descriptions

These are the session descriptions for the 2023 APHEA Convention. This page will be updated as we continue to finalize everything! When we have the final schedule, we will also be posting it here on the website.

Keynote Speaker – Heidi St. John
Founder of MomStrong International, Homeschool Mother of 7

Homeschooling Held Hostage

In the past twenty years, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the homeschool community. There is much more pressure being put on homeschoolers to excel academically. We’ve gone from a few brave moms who, without access to mainstream “curriculum”, managed to give their children an excellent education—but we’ve forgotten what made it excellent.
It was excellent because these moms had a vision for homeschooling—they weren’t trying to re-create school at home. They were simply being obedient to the One who had called them to be different. They knew that if He had called them, He would equip them. And they were right.
If you’re struggling to find joy in your calling as a homeschooling parent, if you’re looking for more LIFE in your homeschool, this is one workshop you won’t want to miss. join Heidi as she talks about her journey away from curriculum-driven, workbook based homeschooling and into delight-directed learning. What she learned will bless and inspire you. 

The Busy Mom’s Homeschool Survival Guide: Because It’s a Jungle Out There! 

“I’m overwhelmed!”
“My kids are going to have gaps in their education.”
“Everything depends on me.”
“I’ve failed too many times.”
“I can’t do this right.”
“I’m screwing up my kids.”
“Everyone else’s kids are doing better than mine.”

Have you heard the lies, too? Join Heidi as she talks about her own experience of homeschooling seven children over 23 years and shares what will keep you in the race til the finish line. The key? Preparing your heart before your homeschool.  You’ll want to bring a friend to this one!

Light a Thousand Fires

Right place. Right time. Right team. We’re raising a generation of Daniels as America becomes a modern Babylon. The Lord has set us apart for such a time as this and He has a purpose for each of us and each of our children. Heidi St John lays out the rules of engagement for winning the culture war that seeks to destroy your children’s future and offers encouragement for the days we are living in. Listen. Learn. Leave with purpose and confidence.

Biblical Discernment in an Unbibilical Age

Our grandparents were bombarded with Christian values in a world firmly grounded on faith and family. Our parents were a part of a cultural revolution in which faith became laughable and families were disassembled on a wholesale basis. And now we find ourselves awash in a world where what is good is called evil and what is wicked is called good. Learn why nurturing Biblical Discernment is an essential lifeskill for any parent hoping to navigate the treacherous cultural waters of the 21st century.

Keep the Gas Tank Full and Other Lessons We’ve Learned from Thirty Years of Marriage-A Workshop with Jay and Heidi St. John  

“Transparent. Honest. Funny. Real.”
That’s what people say when they hear the St. Johns speaking about the ups and downs of their union. If you’ve never heard Jay and Heidi speak together, now’s your chance. Join them for an hour that will encourage and inspire you as they share wisdom from 23 years of homeschooling and 30 years of marriage. This workshop is rated “M” for marriage. Bring your spouse if you can!

Featured Speaker – Andrew Pudewa
Founder of Excellence in Writing, Homeschool Father of 7

Conquering Corrupt Culture by Raising Christian Communicators

 Today, many of us have an intuitive sense that major changes are coming. When this happens, our lives may become very different in ways not necessarily convenient or comfortable. At the same time, we must live each day as though things will continue pretty much as they are. Resolving this cognitive dissonance requires that we carefully contemplate our circumstances because we are in a cultural war, fighting the “non-gospel” of aesthetic and moral relativism on three fronts: personal, familial, and social. What should our priorities be? How can we prepare our children to be culture warriors?

Preparing for Persecution – A Curriculum Proposal 

In the future is it imaginable that freedom of speech and freedom of religion could be suppressed where we live? History indicates so. Andrew Pudewa discusses ways to prepare for such a contingency, which may include persecution and even martyrdom. He also explains how to cultivate necessary virtues without sparking burdensome fears. Although this is not a pleasant subject to contemplate, it is an important one.

Nurturing Competent Communicators

Many teachers and parents assume that good readers will naturally become good writers. Others think that writing talent is a natural ability. Some have it. Others don’t. Both are myths. History and modern research demonstrate how good writers develop the two most critical skills needed for a high level of aptitude in writing. With humor and insight, Andrew Pudewa explains these two easy but powerful skills, which build language patterns and nurture competent communicators.

Paper and Pen – What the Research Says

Recent years have seen an enormous increase in the use of technology in education for even the youngest students. But is technology really the cure-all that many believe it to be? While traditional skills such as cursive penmanship are seen as unnecessary in the modern world, the actual research tells a different story. Join Andrew Pudewa to learn the compelling reasons to read paper books instead of electronic devices, handwrite instead of type, teach cursive instead of printing, and grab a pen instead of a pencil. Discover how to unleash creativity that goes beyond technology.

Teaching Boys and Teaching Girls – Toward a Better Understanding

Boys and girls hear differently, see differently, and handle stress and pain differently. Join Andrew Pudewa to gain an in-depth understanding of these neurophysiological distinctions and the implications of these differences. This workshop is packed with research, humor, and practical stories that will enlighten teachers and teaching parents.

The Three Best Things I Did as a Homeschool Dad

While there are many, many things I could have done better as a homeschool father, there are three distinct things that I did try to do as consistently as possible during our years of homeschooling that were the most helpful according to my wife. Join me to discover the three best things I did and to glean some ideas for making your homeschool years the best they can be. Moms are welcome as well!

Featured Speaker – Kevin Boden
HSLDA Attorney, Homeschool Father of 8

School Choice and Home Education: Peril or Promise?

We believe that parents are best positioned to make educational decisions for their children; we think school choice is right and good. But with this choice comes the potential muddying of the water as public schools operate full-time virtual programs, as private schools offer distance learning, and as vouchers and scholarship accounts become the norm. Where does homeschooling fit within this ever-changing landscape? Has “homeschool” lost its meaning when so much education is conducted at home? Is school choice the promise or peril of homeschool in the future