The Alaska Private and Home Educators Association is a membership-based coalition of parents and others who have banded together for the furtherance of educational excellence through alternatives to the government-operated public schools.


APHEA is governed by a board of directors consisting of seven members. The President and one-third of the directors are elected each year at the convention. Couples usually serve together on the board and receive one combined vote.


APHEA promotes home education on two levels:

1. Supportive Inter-Relationships

Provides means to foster contact between home school groups in Alaska. This is done through publications and the presentation of seminars.

Conducts an annual convention which encourages family participation and includes the following:

-At least one keynote speaker who is well-known in the field of home education.

-Workshops conducted by the keynote speaker, local teachers, and parent educators.

-Curriculum displays. This is an excellent opportunity to obtain information from vendors knowledgeable in various curricula and to get a hands-on look at curricula and supplementary materials

2. Political Involvement

Fosters and protects a climate of non-interference for home education in Alaska by direct involvement in the political process. This is accomplished by providing information on issues and candidates and by acting as a liaison between home education and the Alaska legislature.

Keeps APHEA members informed through bulletins concerning pertinent legislation and Department of Education activities.

APHEA Position Statement

Whereas it is a fact recognized by the Supreme Court of these United States that children are not the mere creatures of the state, and;

Whereas it is the first responsibility of parents to care for their children and that part of this responsibility is the training and educating of their children, and;

Whereas we recognize the high duty and right of all parents to direct the education of their children without unreasonable restrictions by the state, and;

Whereas we affirm the fundamental right of parents to provide for their children religious training without interference from the state, and;

Whereas it is a violation of the most basic concept of liberty for the state to standardize children by forcing upon them and their parents state-directed instruction;


1.Our intention to execute faithfully our parental duty to the best of our God-given abilities;

2.Our intention to cooperate together to attain excellence in private education for our children;

3.Our intention to resist any attempt by the government of these United States or the State of Alaska to disallow the freedom to exercise our parental rights in education; and

4.Our willingness to collaborate to improve the climate of educational freedom in Alaska through public information as well as through legislative means.

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