Convention Speakers

Keynote Speaker – Gregg Harris

Founder & Director of Noble Institute, Homeschooling Pioneer, Bestselling Author, and Homeschool Father of Seven Children
Noble Institute –

Gregg Harris is a Christian husband (widowed since 2010), and the father of seven children. He and his late wife, Sono Sato Harris, were pioneer leaders in the Christian family-restoration, home-schooling and parental-rights movements since 1980. Gregg has over 260,000 alumni families from his workshops and conferences. His book, The Christian Home School (1988, 1995) became a best-selling classic in its field. Three of his six sons, Joshua, Alex & Brett Harris, are also best-selling authors. Gregg serves as Director of Noble Institute through which he presents his Raising Kids to Do Hard Things workshop.

Featured Speaker – David and Shirley Quine

Founders of Cornerstone Curriculum and Homeschooling Parents of Nine Children
Cornerstone Curriculum –

David and Shirley Quine are nationally recognized speakers and authors. They began Cornerstone Curriculum, a Christian based educational curriculum, in 1984 to help parents disciple their children according to the Biblical world view.

David draws on 35 years of experience as a teacher, administrator, consultant, and author. As homeschooling parents, David and Shirley bring their personal experiences to present high content programs with challenge and encouragement. Their passion is to assist parents fulfill their part in the Great Commission by discipling their children. They give presentations to state conventions and local support groups. Their areas of expertise include Christian education, Biblical worldview thinking, discipleship, math and science education, and history, literature, music and art education from the Biblical world view. Together they have home educated their nine children in Richardson, Texas since 1980.