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HSLDA Recent Intervention on behalf of Alaska Homeschooled Student

In July of 2014, HSLDA posted an article on their website titled “Federal Student Financial Aid Issue Resolved”. It’s an interested read for those looking to apply for college as a homeschooler. Click here to read the article on HSLDA’s website.

UA Admission Links

UAA: Please visit the UAA Admissions page and expand the section titled “Special Information for Home School Students”.

UAF: Please visit the UAF Admissions page, select the level of degree you’re interested in, and then scroll down to the section titled “Home-Schooled Students”.

UAS: You can visit the UAS Admissions page, but there is no specific information on homeschoolers. We will follow-up with UAS and update the website with additional information.

Meeting with UAA Regarding Admissions Policies

In a meeting at Mat-Su College on December 11, 2006, college admissions officers from UAA and Mat-Su College met with a number of homeschool students and their parents. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the admissions policies at the colleges and answer questions from prospective college students. This is a brief summary of what was discussed in the meeting.

Secondary students are able to take courses at either college campus after going through the secondary school application process. The course load limit is 7 credits. Students who have graduated from high school are admitted after completing an application as a degree-seeking student or a non-degree seeking student. At both UAA and Mat-Su College, a high school transcript (either a parental transcript or a transcript from your charter school), standardized test scores (the minimum test score for the SAT is 1210 and the ACT is 27) and the completed application are the required documents to submit. These are the same requirements that UAF is requiring for their baccalaureate programs. The difference is that UAA and Mat-Su College will admit students to their certificate programs or associate degree programs under the same requirements as their baccalaureate programs.

We really appreciate the admissions officers from both UAA and Mat-Su College for meeting with us. We also thank Charlie Armstrong for his letter of clarification for the UAF admissions policies. It is very encouraging for us as parents to see the willingness of our own state universities to recognize homeschoolers as assets to our state. Hopefully, many of those who choose to attend our state universities will remain here in Alaska and continue to contribute to our communities.

Letter from UAF Admissions Outreach Coordinator

Greetings from the University of Alaska Fairbanks!

My name is Charlie Armstrong, and I am an Admissions Outreach Coordinator with UAF. Specifically, I have been newly designated to coordinate our outreach to homeschool students and their families. I know that many homeschool families—especially those who have not used a state agency like IDEA or a school district correspondence program—have encountered inconsistent or frustrating treatment when trying to attend or apply to University of Alaska institutions. However, I’m here to make your students’ transition to UAF a pleasant one. We welcome private homeschool students to apply under the same requirements as any other student, except for provisions made to allow a parental transcript rather than a public or private high school transcript.
We intend to be your UA campus of choice.

To apply to a baccalaureate degree (4-yr) programs:

1.Submit a paper application or apply online at uaonline@alaska.edu

2. Take the ACT or SAT test and have scores reported to UAF (codes 0064 and 4866, respectively)

3. Submit a parental transcript (high school level) with classes, grades, credits, and cumulative GPA listed. This transcript does not need to be notarized.

To apply to a certificate (1-yr) or associate degree (2-yr) program:

1.Submit a paper application or apply online at uaonline.alaska.edu

2. Submit either GED scores or take the COMPASS exam, a test of skills available at UAF and other locations

3. We also request but do not require a parental transcript

I hope the above clarifications help to assure you of a hassle-free application process. During this academic year, my efforts as homeschool outreach coordinator will be focused on:

1.Being available as your point of contact to answer questions about UAF, to offer help with the application process, and to help with any other needs related to UAF

2. Developing UAF’s homeschool webpage (already under way)

3. Meeting with homeschool families during my travels within the state

I encourage you to contact me with any concerns, questions, or suggestions as to how we can make UAF the obvious choice for homeschool students in Alaska.


Charlie Armstrong


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