The Old Schoolhouse

APHEA is excited to be a partner with The Old Schoolhouse! You can get a $90 discount on a 1 year Old Schoolhouse subscription, if you follow the links below to register.

The Old Schoolhouse®  has a mission to produce a number of high-quality, Biblically based publications and other resources that are practical while introducing other products and services to the home educator that will strengthen, support, and challenge the family both spiritually and academically as they impact their world for Christ.

Their purpose is to equip parents to take back their children spiritually and educationally by supporting, encouraging, informing, edifying, and inspiring them. It is also to exhort new parents to keep their children at home from the very beginning, commencing at the birth of their precious God-given gifts.

Their vision is to advance the cause of Christ by strengthening homeschool families spiritually and academically. Beyond that, their vision (and purpose and mission) is to see people come to know Christ as their personal Savior.

Through the magazine and, The Old Schoolhouse® as a company desires to help homeschool families gain the encouragement and inspiration, and supporting statistics & facts they need to educate their children at home with confidence.